Here's what's scheduled for the event. All times are in BST.

9:00 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:05 AM
Keynote address I - Nuclear and UK energy strategy
9:15 AM
Keynote addresses II & III – HPC & Sizewell C – one project, two places
9:45 AM
Keynote IV and V followed by panel I – Delivering the UK’s nuclear programme: opportunities and challenges
10:45 AM
Panel II – Nuclear new build outside the UK
11:35 AM
Coffee and networking break
11:50 AM
Keynote address IV – Nuclear: a good investment?
12:10 PM
Panel III – Funding nuclear: equity and debt
1:00 PM
Lunch and networking break
2:00 PM
Keynote address V
2:15 PM
Panel IV – ESG and nuclear energy: social and nature-related impact
3:00 PM
Panel V – Sustainability and dealing with nuclear waste
3:45 PM
Coffee and networking break
4:00 PM
Panel VI – Realising the potential of SMR and AMR technology in the UK and beyond. Supporting innovation
4:45 PM
Panel VII – Building up the UK’s nuclear supply chain – skills and capacity building
5:30 PM
Chair’s closing remarks followed by networking drinks and close of proceedings