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City and Financial Global is pleased to announce the next edition of its AI in Financial Services Summit, which will take place in Central London on 21 November. The advent of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) has put the potential of AI firmly onto the boardroom agenda of all financial services companies. 

This third edition in our highly successful conference series explores how AI is currently being deployed in the financial services industry and considers potential future applications as the technology matures. The use cases that will be discussed include: the potential for combining AI and blockchain in fund management, integrating Chat GPT safely into an FS company, improving customer service through AI, harnessing AI to fight fraud and financial crime, and using AI in underwriting risk for insurers.

The programme also examines the latest relevant policy developments at the Department of Science and Technology, DRCF, the Bank of England, the FCA, the ICO, the Competition and Markets Authority and the Alan Turing Institute. In addition, you will hear directly from leading financial institutions about their AI deployment.

Some of the key topics include:

  • How can AI help leaders drive financial services forward in the coming years and what is the role of regulation?
  • AI vs generative AI – setting out the differences. The impact of generative AI on the financial services sector. Assessing the risks
  • New opportunities and use cases in financial services – what do they look like and what governance needs to be put in place?