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Financial Services Climate Adaptation Summit

As was clear from COP 27, countries and individual governments are struggling to prevent temperatures rising by more than 1.5 degrees by 2050, and the outlook is bleak. Meanwhile, in the UK as elsewhere, we are seeing extreme weather conditions, which will continue to worsen as we approach 2050, and perhaps beyond.

Redefining ESG Best Practice and Disclosure

Putin’s devastating unprovoked war in the Ukraine has prompted many investors and corporations to pull out of Russia. Renewable energy stocks are being shorted whilst defence stocks shoot upwards. Approaches to ‘ESG’ investing are being scrutinised for the lack of foresight of many funds and data providers to the risks of investments in Russia. Amongst war, energy cuts, consumer product and food shortages, geopolitical tensions and more, where does ‘ESG’ fit in? A true reckoning of the power and future of this type of investing and management is underway.

ESG & Climate Regulation in Financial Services

City & Financial Global’s ESG & Climate Regulation in Financial Services on 1st February will address the huge swathe of new climate regulations being introduced on a regional, national and supranational level and provide a practical guide to navigating these regulations across jurisdictions. This presents significant challenges, and opportunities, for banks, asset managers and insurers.

Natural Capital Summit 2022

Natural Capital Summit 2022 comes at a crucial time with companies coming under increasing pressure to identify, manage and report on nature-related risks and opportunities. This summit will assess in detail the challenges companies face in reporting on biodiversity, analyse the tools and methodologies available to assist in the process and discuss the regulatory future of this type of reporting. It is a summit not to be missed by any business wishing to stay ahead of impending regulation, streamline their reporting and lead on sustainability.