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Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit – January 2024

City & Financial Global is delighted to announce its third annual Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit. This highly topical and timely Summit will provide a unique forum for regulators, financial institutions, challenger payments providers, infrastructure providers and their advisers to explore this new and uncharted landscape to ensure that you are at the cutting edge of the latest developments.

9th Annual Operational Resilience in Financial Services Summit 2022

City & Financial Global was delighted to be host ‘The 9th Annual Operational Resilience for Financial Institutions Summit’ in central London on 25 May, 2022.

Since this was an 'in person' event, attendees were able to reap the benefits of being able to interact and network face to face.

The importance of operational resilience has come into sharp focus recently due to the Ukraine-Russia crisis. UK regulators have told regulated firms that they must be particularly vigilant in relation to an increase in cyber-attacks, the robustness of important business services, the effectiveness of their business continuity and incident management plans, the need to report incidents promptly and the detection of false information. 

8th operational resilience and cyber security summit 2021

Following the recent publication of the final rules on operational resilience by the Bank of England/PRA and the FCA, City and Financial Global was delighted to present “The 8th Operational Resilience and Cyber Security Summit”, which took place virtually on 25 May 2021. The objective of the conference was to assist financial institutions with implementing best practice operational resilience and cyber security measures that are consistent with the final rules.

Operational resilience in the finance sector 2019

It was unsurprising that UK financial regulators have recently decided to introduce a specific operational resilience function under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, SMF 24, which, for the first time, will enable regulators to hold senior management specifically responsible for any failings in operational resilience. At a recent hearing of the Treasury Select Committee, it was suggested that operational resilience would become a ‘third pillar’ of regulation, alongside prudential and conduct regulation. The decision to introduce SMF 24 reflects the fact that, over a decade on from the financial crisis, the focus of regulators has been steadily shifting from pure operational risk management towards operational resilience.

Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit 2023

City and Financial Global was pleased to announce the next edition of Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit, which took place in Central London on 17 May. This high-profile conference built on the success of our well-established Digital, Technology and Data Events portfolio, which have become “must attend” gatherings for senior decision-makers in the UK financial services industry and beyond.

We were delighted to let you know that this important gathering will be chaired by Vivienne Artz OBE, Chair of the IRSG Data Committee, and Data Strategy and Privacy Policy Advisor, CIPL.

Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit 2022

“Our data challenges are substantial, but so is our ambition, our commitment and our determination. I know there is so much we can achieve in digital transformation by working together, sharing knowledge, experience and expertise across the public and private sectors, to shape and deliver truly transformative policies. And for all of us there could be no greater prize than to change people’s lives – for good.”