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City & Financial Global is proud to present its highly topical Economic Sanctions Summit, which is taking place on 29th January.

Since last year’s Summit, which was very popular, the issue has become even more timely and topical. The current conflict in Israel and Gaza has exacerbated an already volatile geopolitical landscape.  The sanctions imposed against Russian banks, companies, oligarchs and other entities whose association with Putin is potentially helping to fund the conflict in Ukraine were amongst the most draconian ever imposed. But have they worked? And what lessons have been learned for other potential conflicts in China and the Middle East?

These are some of the key themes to be addressed at the Summit which will feature a stellar speaker panel of leading Government and regulatory bodies from the UK, EU and US. At an industry level, the speaker panel will comprise leading sanctions and financial crime specialists who will examine how the imposition of sanctions, and the corresponding freezing of assets, will affect financial institutions and other global organisations with potential exposure to Russia or Russian nationals.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • The impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and recent developments in Israel/Gaza on the global sanctions landscape
  • Where does the UK stand with its international partners in combatting the threat from illicit finance and kleptocratic states?
  • The European and US agenda for the enforcement of sanctions against Russia and elsewhere
  • The Government's and the regulator’s expectations of firms to ensure compliance with current sanctions policies