If 2023 was the year that we moved from disclosing climate risks to tackling them, 2024 is the year when we work out how to finance the process. Transition finance - broadly defined as financing corporate decarbonisation, with a particular emphasis on hard-to-abate sectors - has come of age and is likely to be the dominant theme at COP 29 and at other international gatherings for the rest of this year. Here in the UK, the Government has set up the Transition Finance Market Review to examine what the UK financial and professional services ecosystem needs to do to become the leading global centre for transition finance. This would bring very significant opportunities for financial and professional services firms.

We are working closely with Vanessa Havard-Williams, Chair of the TFMR, who will be giving a keynote address at the summit, and the secretariat that is supporting her, to develop a programme that covers all the main issues in the round (see the agenda tab). Speakers will be drawn from the government/regulatory, financial/professional services and corporate communities. The TFMR’s report will be published shortly before the date of the conference.