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2nd Annual Payment Systems Regulation and Innovation Summit 2021

During this content-packed one-day event, you will benefit from hearing the insights of leading practitioners from financial institutions, traditional and innovative payment providers and fintech companies. The focus was on the regulatory environment and the development of standards; the latest technological innovation within incumbent and new organisations; the processes and technology around an aligned payments strategy and customer experience; the planning, budgeting and building of a physical and digital infrastructure; and finally, the driving of greater processing simplification and improved customer engagement and protection.

Payment Systems Regulation and Innovation 2020

The payments industry has been evolving and expanding, with digital payment services and transaction volumes growing across the globe. The competitive landscape is being redefined by the entry of non-traditional providers, the evolution of new solutions provided by financial institutions and the development of strategic alliances that cross traditional sectoral boundaries. Over and beyond this transformation, there will also be major convergence around: products and solutions linked to payments; technology platforms and clearing capabilities that will be increasingly global in nature and reach; and of the operation of global securities and currency markets. In addition, we are likely to see integration of regulatory regimes that today are still often fragmented.