Logo for the AGRC

AGRC is a global, non-profit, professional accreditation & certification organisation, as well as a networking platform, that was founded in 2020 and started its operations a year later. We have developed a series of Level 3 professional qualifications on topics such as AML, ESG, KYC/CDD, Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and International Economic Sanctions.

We also facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) professionals. We support our community of multi-jurisdictional GRC professionals in the financial services industry and beyond by sharing their common values, experiences, expertise, and business development opportunities.


Logo for the Capitals Coalition

Capitals Coalition is a global collaboration redefining value to transform decision making. We sit at the heart of an extensive global network which has united to advance the capitals approach to decision-making. The Coalition provides an overview of the landscape, highlights connections, engages in outreach and facilitates expert advice within the capitals community.

We ensure that different parts of the system are connected to one another and that leading organizations and experts are working collaboratively to achieve our shared ambition. By working with our many thousands of global partners we accelerate momentum, leverage success, connect powerful and engaged communities and identify the areas, projects and partnerships where we can collaboratively drive transformational change.


FOSDA logo

The Future of Sustainable Data Alliance is the proactive voice of the sustainable data ecosystem, which aims to enable the power of financial markets to tackle global environmental and social challenges through comprehensive and high-quality data and products. FoSDA brings together the voices of global sustainable data and analytics, index, and ratings providers from large players to smaller innovators, as well as market-shaping NGOs. In 2023, FoSDA has established four distinct working groups that are dedicated to different areas of focus. These working groups are specifically centred around Data and Methods, Policy and Regulations, Taxonomies and Biodiversity.


GLG logo

Global Legal Group is an independent digital media company based in central London.  Our clients are private practice and in-house lawyers, multinational corporations, and professional services firms in over 190 countries around the world.Founded in 2002, Global Legal Group’s first product was the International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG) series, which has grown into a world-renowned legal resource that covers the law in more than 192 jurisdictions and across 58 practice areas.Since 2009, GLG has also produced Commercial Dispute Resolution, an online news and print magazine for litigation and arbitration specialists. In 2011, GLG introduced Global Legal Insights, an essential analytical resource detailing current legal issues spanning 16 practice areas, and, in 2014, African Law & Business was unveiled. Since 2012, GLG has also hosted a successful series of conferences and events, including the annual Global Class Actions Symposium, the premier event for international class actions specialists.Our mission is to provide outstanding performance for our clients and partners. We provide the digital technologies and expertise that they need to boost their brand exposure and market reach, as well as access to the world’s leading online network of legal experts. By only partnering with the leading legal and business authorities, we also ensure that the information we provide is topical, enlightening and authoritative, making our products the go-to resource.



TheCityUK is the industry-led body representing UK-based financial and related professional services. We champion and support the success of the ecosystem, and thereby our members, promoting policies in the UK, across Europe and internationally that drive competitiveness, support job creation and ensure long-term economic growth. The industry contributes over 10% of the UK’s total economic output and employs more than 2.3 million people, with two thirds of these jobs outside London. It is the largest tax payer, the biggest exporting industry and generates a trade surplus exceeding that of all other net exporting industries combined. It also makes a real difference to people in their daily lives, helping them save for the future, buy a home, invest in a business and protect and manage risk.