City & Financial Global’s 2nd Annual Biodiversity and Nature Markets Summit builds on the success of our Biodiversity Summit last year, which was widely regarded as providing a valuable introduction for financial institutions and corporates to the risks posed by biodiversity loss, and the opportunities presented by nature-based solutions.

This year’s programme goes deeper into this important subject and takes as its central theme biodiversity credit markets and other nature-based markets.  We will be exploring how financial institutions and corporates should be using these rapidly developing markets in order to reduce their impact on nature and biodiversity. Of course, we will also review best practice in terms of how companies should evaluate and monitor their biodiversity impact, including via the acquisition of reliable data, the role of satellite technology for monitoring purposes and the new investment opportunities that the development of nature markets now offers. The full agenda can be found here.

This unique summit brings together government, policy makers, regulators and nature and biodiversity experts with leading figures from the financial and corporate world to discuss the key issues involved in the round and to provide practical guidance on the steps that organisations should be taking now to prepare for both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.