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City & Financial Global is pleased to announce its forthcoming Summit on The Future of UK Crypto Regulation. The impetus for the event is the Government’s recently published Consultation Paper and Call for Evidence on the UK’s future approach to crypto regulation. The proposals would tighten regulation of cryptoassets to provide greater protection to consumers, greater acceptance amongst institutional investors and stronger financial stability.

The plans are not without controversy. A lot of people have had their fingers burnt recently following the collapse of FTX and a drop of £2.2 trillion in crypto market capitalisation since November 2021. The mainstream financial markets remained relatively untouched.  Is it really wise to bring crypto into the traditional finance fold? The UK Government certainly thinks so and has adopted a same risks, same regulatory outcome approach to the new regulatory reforms.

The Summit will also explore whether stricter UK regulation will not only protect consumers from harm, but provide an environment which fosters innovation in the crypto industry by attracting legitimate crypto companies to the UK.

Key themes to be discussed

  • The UK’s regulatory approach to the development of cryptoassets  
  • The FCA’s proposals for the future regulation of cryptoassets
  • Developing a new framework for the regulation of cryptoassets: same risk, same regulatory outcome. Does the traditional regulatory model work for the crypto universe?
  • Consumer protection in digital assets – how will the financial promotions regime impact the advertising of crypto to consumers?
  • The fall-out from FTX: what lessons have other exchanges learned? 
  • The impact of MiCA on regulation of crypto in Europe
  • Combatting the use of crypto for money-laundering, sanctions evasion and financial crime. Do regulatory initiatives go far enough?
  • Opportunities and challenges in digital currency custody, clearing and settlement 
  • Institutional investors’ response to the adoption of crypto as a new asset class 
  • Latest developments in digital currency governance