Here's what's scheduled for the event. All times are in BST.

8:30 AM
Registration and networking
9:00 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:05 AM
Keynote address I: The UK’s regulatory approach to the development of cryptoassets
9:25 AM
Keynote Address II: The FCA’s proposals for the future regulation of cryptoassets
9:45 AM
Panel discussion: Developing a new framework for the regulation of cryptoassets: same risk, same regulatory outcome. Does the traditional regulatory model work for the crypto universe?

Themes to be discussed:

  • Scope of regulation and types of digital assets to be regulated
  • Regulation of crypto exchanges
  • Issuance and disclosure issues
  • Crypto lending platforms
  • Crypto market abuse

Panel to include

Ian Taylor, Board Advisor, Crypto UK

Lawrence Wintermeyer, Chair, GBBC Digital Finance

Teana Baker-Taylor, Vice President Policy and Regulatory Strategy, UK/EU, Circle

10:40 AM
Panel discussion: Financial promotions in digital assets – do the FCA’s proposals strike the right balance between permitted advertising and consumer protection?

Lavan Thasarathakumar, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, EMEA, GBBC Digital Finance

11:15 AM
Networking break
11:35 AM
Fireside chat: The fall-out from FTX: what lessons have other exchanges learned?
11:55 AM
Keynote Address III: The impact of MiCA on regulation of crypto in Europe
12:15 PM
Panel discussion: Combatting the use of crypto for money-laundering, sanctions evasion and financial crime. Do regulatory initiatives go far enough?
1:00 PM
Networking and lunch break
2:20 PM
Fireside chat: The impact of the new regulatory framework on digital currency custody, clearing and settlement
2:40 PM
Panel session: Institutional investors’ response to the adoption of crypto as a new asset class
3:25 PM
Afternoon break
3:45 PM
Panel discussion: Latest developments in digital currency governance
4:30 PM
Fireside chat: How will the potential development of CBDCs impact cryptoassets in the private sector?
5:00 PM
Chair’s closing remarks and close of proceedings