Related Events

The Climate and ESG Data Summit 2023

As you are aware, data lies at the heart of the revolution in climate reporting and ESG investing, and is, in many ways, its Achilles’ heel. Investee companies can still use a variety of different approaches to how they report ESG data, and what data they report, although the new ISSB standards will improve this situation when they come into effect. Asset managers are subject to a variety of different ESG regulatory reporting regimes and taxonomies across the world, despite recent efforts at harmonisation. Sourcing accurate and consistent highly quality ESG data is a major problem, as the market for its supply is very fragmented and wide ranging in terms of quality. Then there is the challenge of managing and integrating ESG data from diverse sources into a coherent system. And, of course, the metrics and methodologies used by rating agencies are far from consistent, not to mention the potential inconsistencies between the ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’ of ESG, and the weighting to be given to each element. The ESG data challenge is a serious issue for all companies and financial institutions.

EV Infrastructure Summit 2023

As part of its well-established portfolio of high-level infrastructure events, which have enjoyed government support, City & Financial Global is delighted to announce the next edition of the Annual EV Infrastructure Summit, which will be held in central London on the 7 June 2023.

The programme will focus on the challenge of scaling up EV infrastructure from electric cars to electric vans, trucks and buses, and the particular challenges involved with providing appropriate and sufficient infrastructure for each category.

Natural Capital SUmmit 2022

Natural Capital Summit 2022 comes at a crucial time with companies coming under increasing pressure to identify, manage and report on nature-related risks and opportunities. This summit will assess in detail the challenges companies face in reporting on biodiversity, analyse the tools and methodologies available to assist in the process and discuss the regulatory future of this type of reporting. It is a summit not to be missed by any business wishing to stay ahead of impending regulation, streamline their reporting and lead on sustainability.

Redefining ESG Best Practice and Disclosure

Putin’s devastating unprovoked war in  the Ukraine has prompted many investors and corporations to pull out of Russia. Renewable energy stocks are being shorted whilst defence stocks shoot upwards. Approaches to ‘ESG’ investing are being scrutinised for the lack of foresight of many funds and data providers to the risks of investments in Russia. Amongst war, energy cuts, consumer product and  food shortages, geopolitical tensions and more, where does ‘ESG’ fit in? A true reckoning of the power and future of this type of investing and management is underway.

ESG & Climate Regulation in Financial Services

City & Financial Global’s ESG & Climate Regulation in Financial Services on the 1st February addressed the huge swathe of new climate regulations being introduced on a regional, national and supranational level and provide a practical guide to navigating these regulations across jurisdictions. This presents significant challenges, and opportunities, for banks, asset managers and insurers.

Natural Capital Summit 2021

Just as companies and organisations are getting to grips with implementing TCFD climate change reporting, they now need to factor into plans how to incorporate nature-based financial disclosures into reporting processes, following the launch of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) by UNDP, UNEP FI, WWF and Global Canopy.

The TNFD aims to build on the success of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which has become instrumental in mainstreaming the issue of climate-related financial risks. The TNFD’s framework will complement the TCFD by giving companies and financial institutions, as well as their investors and stakeholders, a broader picture of their environmental risks.

Climate Litigation and Activism Summit 2021

The increase of climate change-related litigation and activism is becoming a risk which businesses cannot afford to ignore. City & Financial Global’s Climate Litigation and Activism Virtual Summit, 23rd November, provided delegates with a thorough analysis of the key issues and practical guidance on how to effectively mitigate this risk.