Climate litigation and activism is on the rise, partly due to a greater awareness of the prevalence of greenwashing and partly because regulators are compelling financial institutions and corporates to disclose much more information about the climate-related impact of their activities. 

City & Financial Global’s Climate Litigation and Activism Summit will provide companies and their advisers with a thorough analysis of all the key issues and practical guidance on how to mitigate the risk of litigation and activism effectively. 

Grasping how climate litigation and activism may impact your business will allow you to take steps to make it resilient and ‘future-ready’. This requires understanding the agenda of shareholders and other stakeholders, including consumers and special interest groups, and engaging with them effectively; drafting appropriately worded net zero strategies and managing exposure related to upcoming policy and regulation; and preparing for what could come next in terms of lawsuits, shareholder rebellions and other activist pressure. Attendance at this timely summit will be invaluable in this context.

Key themes to be discussed

  • The UK climate litigation landscape: where are all the claims?
  • Global trends in climate change litigation and activism
  • Managing climate risk from a legal perspective: Strategies for in-house legal teams
  • Developments in activists’ climate change litigation strategies 
  • Engaging with activist investors and pressure groups
  • Climate litigation - the insurance perspective
  • Greenwashing: specific areas of potential liability
  • Best practice disclosure and reporting to minimise risk
  • Not just green hype: How corporates should now expect to be challenged on all their ethical claims
  • Latest developments in funding litigation
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