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Climate and ESG Legal Risk Management Summit 2024

The increasing use of climate- and ESG-related  litigation is becoming a risk which UK businesses of all types cannot afford to ignore. City & Financial Global’s Climate and ESG Legal Risk Management Summit 2024, which is being held on 25 March, will provide delegates with a thorough analysis of all the key issues and practical guidance on how to mitigate the risk effectively.

The third edition builds on the success of last year's event, which was widely regarded as providing a valuable forum which helped companies, financiers and their advisers gain a much better understanding of how to mitigate the risk of litigation effectively.

Climate Adaptation Summit 2024

While the discussions at COP28 made progress on some fronts, it was very clear that the window of opportunity for preventing  temperatures rising by more than 1.5 degrees by 2050 is closing fast and this target is unlikely to be met, a situation that is underscored by the fact that 2023 is now set to be the hottest year on record. Inevitably, in the UK as elsewhere, we are seeing extreme weather conditions, which will continue to worsen as we approach 2050, and perhaps beyond.

The second edition of this well-attended event brings together a range of top experts to guide companies through the steps that they need to be taking now in order to protect their operations and preserve shareholder value.

The 3rd Annual Sustainability Reporting Summit 2024

City & Financial Global’s 3rd Annual Sustainability Reporting Summit on 31 January will take a deep dive into the first two ISSB standards, which are a major step towards establishing a global ESG reporting baseline. While the standards build on the foundations and structure of the TCFD voluntary framework, they go much further in that they focus on all ESG-related matters, not just climate. They will also become mandatory as national authorities adopt them for reporting in their markets.

The Natural Capital Summit 2023

City & Financial Global’s 3rd Annual Natural Capital Summit built on the success of last year's event, which was widely regarded as providing a valuable forum which helped financial institutions and corporates gain a much better understanding of the steps they should be taking in terms of their impact on nature.

The third edition was very timely as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures has now published its final recommendations for nature-related risk management and disclosure. The summit provided an excellent opportunity to analyse their implications for corporates and financial institutions in depth.

The International Carbon Markets Summit 2023

Efficient, joined-up carbon markets are an essential tool to support the transition to net zero. In particular, there is a widespread consensus on the need for a global, scalable, voluntary carbon market that will enable companies and investors to build on their net zero strategies by financing activities elsewhere that address their remaining emissions while on the journey to zero.

City & Financial Global was therefore delighted to be hosting the ‘International Carbon Markets Summit’ in London on 30 October 2023.

The 18th Annual UK Sustainable Infrastructure Summit 2023

The 18th annual edition of the UK Sustainable Infrastructure Summit was held on 6 July 2023 in central London. This well-established event always attracted a sizeable gathering of leaders from the UK infrastructure industry, both from the public and private sectors. We were also fortunate that government ministers have chosen to speak at all the previous editions of this summit.

The 2023 Summit addressed the urgent need for the UK to rapidly decarbonise energy generation and transport so that the UK can meet its net zero targets. The speakers assessed the investment environment and the relative attractiveness of the UK, given the U.S. IRA and the emerging EU equivalent, as well as a range of other relevant issues. There was a detailed focus on the opportunities and challenges in delivering the government’s sustainable infrastructure plans, including the government’s revised Net Zero Strategy and Green Finance Strategy.