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Logo for GBBC

Global Digital Finance (GDF) is a global non-profit association of member firms offering an open innovation platform for advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for digital assets.

GDF’s mission is to “To promote and underpin the greater adoption of market standards for the use of crypto and digital assets, through the development of best practices and governance standards in a shared engagement forum with industry, policymakers, and regulators.”


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techUK is the trade association which brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve.

With around 1,000 members (the majority of which are SMEs) across the UK, techUK creates a network for innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet.

By providing expertise and insight, we support our members, partners and stakeholders as they prepare the UK for what comes next in a constantly changing world.


Logo fo RG

The Realization Group (TRG) is a specialist Financial Services and FinTech Marketing Agency supporting its financial services clients to be visible and successful in their target markets.

TRG's market-leading reputation has been forged over 20 years at the forefront of financial communications and marketing, with an extensive track record of success supporting firms across the spectrum of financial markets participants, from global institutions to technology innovators.

TRG's senior strategists and unrivalled network of specialist advisors are all subject matter experts, with in-depth knowledge and insight about traditional financial markets, as well as evolving trends and innovations and particularly, the burgeoning crypto and digital assets industries..

The philosophy that underpins our approach (and our services) is “persistent market communications”, essential to supporting clients' brand awareness and lead generation strategies effectively and in building a strong supporting 'community of interest' of advocates, influencers and prospects.

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Unite AI logo is a completely decentralized organization with a team that currently offers news, interviews, and access to the best AI tools – But this is only the beginning of a multilayered masterplan.

Our goals are to inform the wider public about progress on AI, to unify the AI community, to push forward the democratization of AI, to follow Our Charter on responsible AI, and to assist in the development of beneficial AGI (artificial general intelligence).