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Energy Networks Association is a not-for-profit industry body representing the companies which operate the electricity wires, gas pipes and energy system in the UK and Ireland.
We help our members meet the challenge of delivering electricity and gas to communities across the UK and Ireland safely, sustainably and reliably.
Our members include every major electricity and gas network operator in the UK and Ireland, independent operators, National Grid ESO which operates the electricity system in Great Britain and National Gas which operates the gas system in Great Britain. Our affiliate membership also includes companies with an interest in energy, including Heathrow Airport and Network Rail.


Logo for Energy UK

Energy UK is the trade association for the energy industry. Our members deliver nearly 80% of the UK’s power generation and over 95% of the energy supplied to UK homes and businesses. We work with the sector, government, regulators and wider stakeholders to champion a sustainable UK energy industry.


Logo for the GIIA

GIIA is the membership body for the world's leading investors in infrastructure, and advisors to the sector, who collectively represent US $1.3 trillion of infrastructure assets under management across 70 countries. Our members are investing today to provide the smart, sustainable and innovative infrastructure needed for our communities and economies to thrive.


Logo for UKSIF

UKSIF exists to bring together the UK’s sustainable finance and investment community and support our members to expand, enhance and promote this key sector. Our work drives growth and new opportunities for our members as global leaders in the sustainable finance industry.

UKSIF represents a diverse range of financial services firms committed to these aims, and our 320+ members, managing over £19trn in assets under management (AUM), include investment managers, pension funds, banks, financial advisers, research providers, NGOs, among others.

UKSIF and our members have been hugely active in, and supportive of, efforts to promote the sustainable finance agenda and worked closely with policymakers and others to find new ways to overcome the barriers to the growth of sustainability and deliver progress towards decarbonisation of the economy.