related Events

The International Carbon Markets Summit 2023

Efficient, joined-up carbon markets are an essential tool to support the transition to net zero. In particular, there is a widespread consensus on the need for a global, scalable, voluntary carbon market that will enable companies and investors to build on their net zero strategies by financing activities elsewhere that address their remaining emissions while on the journey to zero.

The 18th Annual UK Sustainable Infrastructure Summit 2023

The 18th annual edition of the UK Sustainable Infrastructure Summit was held on 6 July in central London. This well-established event always attracts a sizeable gathering of leaders from the UK infrastructure industry, both from the public and private sectors. We are also fortunate that government ministers have chosen to speak at all the previous editions of this summit.

The Financial Services Climate Adaptation Summit 2023

As was clear from COP 27, countries and individual governments are struggling to prevent temperatures rising by more than 1.5 degrees by 2050, and the outlook is bleak. Meanwhile, in the UK as elsewhere, we are seeing extreme weather conditions, which will continue to worsen as we approach 2050, and perhaps beyond.

Against this background, financial institutions of all kinds – banks, asset managers and insurers – need to put in place climate adaptation plans as part of their overall business continuity planning. These need to include the direct impact of climate change on running their own businesses and the indirect impact of the changing climate on borrowers, investee companies, policy holders, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

The New Nuclear Summit 2023

Faced with the continuing energy crisis, its binding net-zero commitments and the fact that the most of its existing nuclear fleet is due for decommissioning soon, the UK is on the cusp of embracing a major revival in nuclear energy. With Hinkley C already under construction and a commitment by the government to spend £679 million to take a 50% stake in Sizewell C during its development phase, the next big step will be the launch of Great British Nuclear, a new body which will oversee the development of new reactors in the UK and create a pipeline that will enable the industry to plan with certainty for the future.

EV Infrastructure Summit 2023

As part of its well-established portfolio of high-level infrastructure events, which have enjoyed government support, City & Financial Global was delighted to announce the next edition of the Annual EV Infrastructure Summit, which was held in central London on the 7 June 2023.

The programme focused on the challenge of scaling up EV infrastructure from electric cars to electric vans, trucks and buses, and the particular challenges involved with providing appropriate and sufficient infrastructure for each category. This in-person conference featured insightful presentations from, and informed debate between, senior experts and government representatives on the key topics involved.