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Gender balance only happens by design. Stop fixing women or  blaming men. Start building the will and skill of leaders to adapt the  workplace.

20-first is a global consulting firm working  with companies interested in capturing the competitive advantage of  gender, nationality, and generational balance. We help companies to  understand and connect with 100% of their client base and 100% of the  talent pool. We've worked with international household names such as  Unilever, Nestle and Bayer - helping them to leverage balance to improve  their performance and financial results.

Many companies would  like to be more gender balanced. Some have tried hard, created women’s  networks, mentoring programmes and female leadership training. We know,  because we used to help them with these efforts. But after a few years,  we were forced to admit they didn’t deliver balance. We learned that  assuming that today’s imbalance is caused by something women lack  (skill, will or background) was part of the problem.

Instead, for  the past decade, we have invited CEOs and their teams to ask ‘What’s  wrong with our company if we can’t attract, retain and promote the  majority of today’s educated talent and connect with the majority of  consumers, in an ever-expanding range of sectors?’

We start by  getting Executive Teams to identify the priorities key to the business –  and make sure they are skilled at WHY and HOW to lead the change.  Please contact us via if you'd like to hear more.

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