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Holistic AI is an AI Risk Management company. Our mission is to empower enterprises to adopt and scale AI with confidence. Our automated AI Risk Management platform audits and assures AI systems' code, data, policies and processes. This enables enterprises to maximise the value of their AI, minimise reputational, legal and commercial risks, and accelerate innovation.  

We have pioneered the field of AI Risk Management and have deep practical experience auditing AI systems, having reviewed over 100+ enterprise AI projects covering 20k+ different algorithms. Our clients and partners include Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators.


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SafePorter was founded in early 2018 by a privacy maven to devise a means by which the diversity data required by governments and sought by organizations around the world could be separated from employment, enrollment, and all other contextual or contact information.

SafePorter is a certified B Corp and serves as a data trust with its fiduciary duty to the survey participants. Its DataProtected tools suite protects individuals and eliminates DEI data risk for organizations by facilitating true data minimization under GDPR.

DataProtected by SafePorter is the only privacy-by-design DEI tools suite, enabling organizations of all sizes and in all regions to securely undertake diversity and equity reporting, measure DEI program progress, and allow inclusion and other organizational feedback without personal data risk to the organizations or the individuals they survey.

Stay on top of our PRIVACY FIRST, BUSINESS FORWARD news by following our website, LinkedIn, and YouTube or reach out to info@safeportersecure.com to learn more.


Logo for Eversheds Sutherland

As a global top 10 law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides legal advice and solutions to an international client base which includes some of the world’s largest multinationals.

Financial institutions benefit from the client-driven commercial advice offered by our sector-focused multi-disciplinary team. Our legal and regulatory lawyers work hand-in-hand with our business process consultants to bring you world-class solutions.

Our global Financial Services teams have more than 400 legal and regulatory advisers and consultants working across asset management and funds, banking, FinTech, insurance, private equity, pensions and real estate investment.

Our team includes advisers, former regulators and alumni of leading industry organisations who have significant front-line experience across a range of financial services business models. We can help you seize opportunities in the midst of global shifts in markets and regulation.


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We believe privacy matters because people matter. We are a specialist data protection and privacy consultancy focused on the human side of data privacy and information security. We use our extensive experience of data protection, cyber, regulation and governance to bring a practical approach which helps organisations to protect themselves and their stakeholders.  

Operating in over 40 countries globally, we work across multiple sectors and with clients of all sizes. We have particular expertise across the financial services industry and understand how to address the specific challenges of this complex and highly regulated sector.  

Our approach is strategic, risk driven, forward looking, practical and positive. We work with our clients to look for the best ways to achieve their business goals, not just by avoiding privacy infringements and managing demonstration of compliance, but by leveraging privacy to enhance core activities, to improve trust and engagement with all stakeholders and to promote good privacy practice as a competitive advantage.  

Securys is the creator of Privacy Made Positive®, a research programme which demonstrates that following good privacy practice delivers quantifiable business benefits. More information can be found on this project by visiting www.privacymadepositive.com

Whether you require a global data privacy audit, wish to benchmark your privacy compliance versus best practice or need specific privacy consulting advice, we can help. To find out more, visit www.securys.co.uk

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