The Digital Asset and Tokenisation Summit will now be held in London on 21 May as part of the 14th annual edition of City Week 2024

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Day 1 agenda

Thursday, November 2, 2023
8:30 AM
Registration, networking and morning coffee
9:15 AM
Conference introduction
9:20 AM
Chair’s opening remarks
9:25 AM
Keynote address

Ensuring an internationally coordinated approach to the regulation of digital assets

9:40 AM
Keynote address

Digital assets and tokenisation – the City of London’s critical role

9:50 AM
Keynote address
10:00 AM
UK and UAE as twin centres for digital assets
10:30 AM
Impact of the current macro-economic situation on digital assets
11:10 AM
Networking and morning coffee
11:50 AM
Keynote address

FCA rolling out the regulatory structure

12:05 PM
International regulation: balancing innovation with investor protection
12:45 PM
Networking and lunch
1:45 PM
Tokenisation I: governance, standards and legal clarity
2:25 PM
Tokenisation II: potential asset classes, liquidity and secondary markets
3:05 PM
Networking and afternoon tea
3:35 PM
Custody and mobility of collateral
4:15 PM
Market infrastructure, interoperability and scaling
4:55 PM
Chair’s closing remarks
5:00 PM
Close of proceedings for day one