Our past events

Now in its 12th year, City Week is the premier gathering of the international financial  services community. Organised in partnership with the UK Government and leading City institutions, City Week brings together industry leaders and policy makers from around the globe to consider the future of global financial markets. 

Putin’s devastating unprovoked war in  the Ukraine has prompted many investors and corporations to pull out of Russia. Renewable energy stocks are being shorted whilst defence stocks shoot upwards. Approaches to ‘ESG’ investing are being scrutinised for the lack of foresight of many funds and data providers to the risks of investments in Russia. Amongst war, energy cuts, consumer product and  food shortages, geopolitical tensions and more, where does ‘ESG’ fit in? A true reckoning of the power and future of this type of investing and management is underway.

City & Financial Global’s ESG & Climate Regulation in Financial Services on the 1st February addressed the huge swathe of new climate regulations being introduced on a regional, national and supranational level and provide a practical guide to navigating these regulations across jurisdictions. This presents significant challenges, and opportunities, for banks, asset managers and insurers.

Just as companies and organisations are getting to grips with implementing TCFD climate change reporting, they now need to factor into plans how to incorporate nature-based financial disclosures into reporting processes, following the launch of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) by UNDP, UNEP FI, WWF and Global Canopy.

The TNFD aims to build on the success of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which has become instrumental in mainstreaming the issue of climate-related financial risks. The TNFD’s framework will complement the TCFD by giving companies and financial institutions, as well as their investors and stakeholders, a broader picture of their environmental risks.

The increase of climate change-related litigation and activism is becoming a risk which businesses cannot afford to ignore. City & Financial Global’s Climate Litigation and Activism Virtual Summit, 23rd November, provided delegates with a thorough analysis of the key issues and practical guidance on how to effectively mitigate this risk.